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Two papers from HABs group

W.M. Lum, G. Benico, H. Doan-Nhu, E. Furio, C.P. Leaw, S. Leong, P.T. Lim, W.A. Lim, T. Lirdwitayaprasit, S. Lu, M. Awan, N.V. Nguyen, T. Orlova, A. Rachman, S. Sakamoto, K. Takahashi, S.T. Teng, H. Thoha, P. Wang, A.T. Yñiguez, K. Wakita and M. Iwataki 2021. The harmful raphidophyte Chattonella (Raphidophyceae) in Western Pacific: Its red tides and associated fisheries damage over the past 50 years (1969–2019). Harmful Algae 107: 102070.

G. Benico, W.M. Lum, K. Takahashi, A.T. Yñiguez and M. Iwataki 2021. Thecal tabulation, body scale morphology and phylogeny of Heterocapsa philippinensis sp. nov. (Peridiniales, Dinophyceae) from the Philippines. European Journal of Protistology 80: 125811.





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